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  1. Dairr
    Dotaxe 07.10.2019
    Has your girlfriend left you? Your boss fired you and your dog run away from home? Then you're probably feeling a state of emptiness, a condition of meaninglessness or futility. Cheer up, you could try writing a country music song.
  2. Dogar
    Shaktilrajas 10.10.2019
    ‘Emptiness washed over me from time to time, immersion in work only masked my inner sadness.’ ‘Even the beautiful Angelica cannot take his mind away from this emptiness.’ ‘These stories, ranging in length from a few pages to a paragraph to a sentence, convey a sense of emptiness.’.
  3. Nisida
    Aragrel 12.10.2019
    Emptiness as a Feature of Reality Buddhism teaches that the world of forms is illusory. Beyond the world of forms and within it, reality is emptiness, which cannot be understood as a concept, nor can it be described in words. Emptiness is beyond human cognitive understanding but accessible sometimes during meditation or awakening.
  4. JoJoshicage
    Vim 11.10.2019
    emptiness This is a wound and emptiness that will be with me forever.
  5. Manos
    Shazshura 11.10.2019
    The battle field was described by the Germans as "an emptiness." A ship from Orede had come out of overdrive and lay dead in emptiness. It stood for a week or two longer, open-eyed, as if astonished at its own emptiness. He could feel the awful silence, the emptiness below was a pit of death.
  6. Vudolar
    Mezahn 13.10.2019
    Heart Sutra Form is Emptiness: Art Photography. Emptiness Photography Gallery Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form.
  7. Kajikus
    Arashisida 10.10.2019
    The word “emptiness” is best known for its central place in the Heart Sutra of the Mahayana tradition: “Form is emptiness; emptiness is form,” a phrase that is repeated also for the other four aggregates that construct our idea of self—feeling, perception, formations, and consciousness. The sutra goes on to say that “emptiness is.
  8. Mauzuru
    Vudobar 06.10.2019
    Emptiness is a mode of perception, a way of looking at experience. It adds nothing to, and takes nothing away from, the raw data of physical and mental events. You look at events in the mind and the senses with no thought of whether there’s anything lying behind them.
  9. Brabei
    Tojashicage 09.10.2019
    A feeling of emptiness, as if I had cut an artery in my wrist and all the blood had drained out —Aharon Megged Flat and empty as the palm of his hand —Helen Hudson In Hudson’s novel, Criminal Trespass, the comparison’s frame of reference is a flat and empty field. (The street below was) hollow as a bone —Peter Matthiessen.

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