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  1. Visho
    Nikorisar 23.07.2019
    Thornfrost was a kit at the age of 2 moons when her parents abandoned her and her siblings. Desperately mewling for food, they ate mouse bones and drank from rushing streams. After a long journey across the island, they crossed a Thunderpath. Thornfrost's siblings were killed by a monster, so she was on her compwinsenspeapasebichisancatosment.xyzinfoation: StarClan, ThunderClan (formerly).
  2. Akizilkree
    Tojagami 23.07.2019
    Twinklestar is a Thunderclan warrior who was born to Cookiecutter and Rainbowfur. She was mentored by Granitestar, and found her first mate in Clawmark, the rogue with clan heritage when she became a kittypet, and she took on the name Camo so the clans wouldn't find her. She later returned to the clans and became Jaguarstar's mate. They later had two kits, Sunkit and Marblekit, Who would later.
  3. Migal
    Mor 30.07.2019
    The liner notes hold the following notes regarding the line-up: Nepthunous - icewind, poetry of sorrow Anthonian - percussion, poetry of hate Kharadrai - demonizing, summoning the eternal coldness of chaos.
  4. Braktilar
    Teran 23.07.2019
    Thornfrost nodded, and they announced the names of their other kits. There was a silver tabby tom named Ripplekit, a brown and white she-cat named Hazelkit, and a white tom named Cloudkit. "They're beautiful kits," Mousestripe murmured, watching Thornfrost place his muzzle on each of the kits' heads.
  5. Mikazshura
    Satilar 23.07.2019
    Frostwing is a beautiful white and black she-cat with blue eyes. She is Riverclan's medicine cat. She was apprentice to Starpelt, but was trained in her dreams by Flowing lake due to .
  6. Mokree
    Nigami 27.07.2019
    Thornfrost: Taken 61 4 9. by InfiniteDarkness by InfiniteDarkness Follow. Share. Share via Email Report Story Send. Send to Friend. Share. Share via Email Report Story Gender: Tom. Description: Light brown tabby tom with white legs, ear tips, a dark brown tail, nose tip, a light brown tail tip, and ice blue eyes.
  7. Daitaxe
    Kibei 29.07.2019
    Country of origin: Finland Location: Helsinki Status: Split-up Formed in: Genre: Black Metal Lyrical themes: N/A Last label: Meat Hook Productions Years active.
  8. Meztijar
    Grotilar 27.07.2019
    Thornfrost, deputy of Riverclan Rainpaw, apprentice of Riverclan Falconkit, kit of Riverclan Mistfeather, queen of Thunderclan Eveningwhisker, warrior of Shadowclan Cedarpaw, apprentice of Shadowclan Foundkit, kit of Shadowclan Sweetleaf, warrior of Skyclan Maple, loner of no clan.

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